MedalOfHonorImagelrThank a National Medal of Honor Recipient

National Medal of Honor Day is March 25. Show your appreciation by thanking the National Medal of Honor recipients.

Thank you cards can be sent to:

National Anthem Girl
attn: MOH Recipient Project
2400 Boston Street suite 102
Baltimore MD 21224

The National Medal of Honor is America's highest military honor for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. It is bestowed upon the recipient by the President. To honor their service and bravery, we encourage everyone to send cards to the 75 living Medal of Honor recipients.

Click here for a current list of living Medal of Honor Recipients. There's a link next to each of their names so you can learn more about them. Create a personalized card for as many as you'd like!

The deadline to send cards to be distributed to the Medal of Honor recipients is March 15.

Please note that the envelopes will be discarded. If you want to include your return address, please write it directly on the card.


ASG Renaissance Earns Award for Social Media Marketing Campaign 

 Dearborn, Mich., December 20, 2016 – ASG Renaissance was honored with a Gold MarCom Award for its Driving on Energi social media campaign. The program has put more than 60 social media influencers behind the wheel of a new Ford Fusion Energi or Ford CMAX Energi to share content about their experiences with the cars. The aim of the project is to promote plug-in electric vehicles through social media.

gold logo-cropped

 “We’re proud to be honored with this award and pleased that the hard work and dedication of the ASG team has been recognized by an international group of industry peers,” said Lizabeth Ardisana, CEO ASG Renaissance. “This award demonstrates that we can develop and execute digital strategies to help our clients find success online.”

  MarCom is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious creative competitions in the world. It recognizes the outstanding achievements of creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of marketing and communication materials and programs. Judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.

 About ASG Renaissance

ASG Renaissance is a woman and Hispanic-owned, integrated marketing communications, public relations and graphic design firm. For more than 30 years, ASG has been helping clients generate awareness and credibility for their products and services by telling their stories across a wide range of traditional and digital media. Founded in 1987, ASG Renaissance is based in Dearborn, Mich.  Follow us on Facebook and Linked In.

Beth Ardisana Receives the Real McCoy Award

The Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) awarded ASG's CEO Beth Ardisana The Real McCoy award in Science. DAPCEP connects Detroit area kids to exciting education opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

prepardednessSeptember Is National Preparedness Month

Get Prepared for the Prepare-A-Thon on September 30


September is National Preparedness Month which serves as a reminder that we all must take action to prepare, now and throughout the year, for the types of emergencies that could affect us where we live, work and also where we visit.

On September 30, America’s Prepare-A-Thon takes place. This is a grassroots campaign to urge us to increase community preparedness and resilience. Join others around the country to practice your preparedness. Please visit to find out where preparedness events are happening in your community.

The most important step to being prepared for an emergency is to make an emergency communication plan. Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it's important to think about the following situations and plan just in case. Consider the following questions when making a plan:

  • How will my family get emergency alerts and warnings?
  • How will my family get to safe locations for relevant emergencies?
  • How will my family get in touch if cell phone, internet or landline doesn't work?
  • How will I let loved ones know I am safe?
  • How will my family get to a meeting place after the emergency?


Here are a few easy steps to start your emergency communication plan:

  1. Understand how to receive emergency alerts and warnings. Make sure all household members are able to get alerts about an emergency from local officials. Check with your local emergency management agency to see what is available in your area and learn more about alerts by visiting
  2. Discuss family plans for disasters that may affect your area and plan where to go. Plan together in advance so that everyone in the household understands where to go during a different type of disaster like a hurricane, tornado or wildfire.
  3. Collect Information. Create a paper copy of the contact information for your family that includes phone (work, cell and office), email, social media, medical facilities, doctors, service providers and school.
  4. Identify information and pick an emergency meeting place. Decide on safe, familiar places that are accessible for all household members (including those with disabilities and/or pets or service animals). Examples may include a mailbox at the end of the driveway or a neighbor's house, library, community center or family friend's home. Make sure everyone knows the address of the meeting place and discuss ways you would get there.
  5. Share the information. Make sure everyone carries a copy in his/her backpack, purse or wallet. You should also post a copy in a central location in your home.
  6. Practice your plan. Have regular household meetings to review your emergency plans, communication plans and meeting place after a disaster, and then practice just like you would a fire drill.

You can find examples of emergency plans at

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