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Talent Community Management

ASG Renaissance provides on-demand access to your most valued, readily deployable talent for permanent hire, temporary assignment or freelancer engagement. Often regarded as the best way to improve a company’s employer brand equity, your talent community is comprised of professionals with proven track records at your company, are in good standing with your hiring managers, and are familiar with your organization, culture and protocols. These populations often include the best of your past temporary workers and interns, FTE alumni and retirees, silver medalists (recent candidate finalists), and proven independent freelancers. Utilizing a custom talent community will ensure the most efficient and effective method of keeping your best talent engaged and working with you, as opposed to losing them to your competitors.

  • Managed Network and Pipeline of Your Most Proven, Valued and Readily Accessible Talent
  • Candidate CRM Technology Facilitates the Talent Engagement Lifecycle, Providing Ease of Use, Talent Status and Pipelining, Dynamic Tracking and Visibility, and Custom Communication Campaigns
  • Online Portal for Community Members Providing Retail Discounts, Training & Development Programs, and Collaborative Gaming and Infotainment Applications
  • Specialized Intern & Retiree Programs that Help Ensure Your ROI in Talent Acquisition and Development, and Help Maximize the Value and Longevity of your Relationships and Engagements.
  • Seasonal & Surge Programs Provide the Planning and Flexibility to Deliver on Business Continuity Objectives During Peaks and Valleys in Client Production and Talent Utilization
  • Diversity and Inclusion Tracking and Mentoring Services

Client Benefits

  • Strengthens Employer Value Proposition
  • Dramatic Cost and Speed Improvements
  • Engagement Readiness of Your Preferred Talent
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience
  • Increased Loyalty from the Talent You Value Most