Freelancer/1099 Compliance

Talent Solutions

Freelancer/1099 Compliance

For safe and efficient engagement with independent contractors and freelancers, ASG Renaissance provides worker classification programs that assure regulatory compliance without lengthy, burdensome processes that disrupt your business continuity. We can tailor solutions according to your utilization and thresholds to provide an effective, efficient program that best fits your culture and business practices.

Freelancer Engagement Services

  • Population Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Worker Classification Evaluations & Recommendations in Compliance with Federal and State Regulations
  • Document Collection, Management & Storage
  • EOR Engagement with Non-Qualified Freelancers

Freelancer Management Services

  • Qualified Freelancer Engagement & On-Boarding
  • Statement of Work Development
  • Contract Administration & Compliance
  • Online Milestone Tracking & Approvals
  • Flexible, Consolidated Client Billing & Freelancer Payment
  • Freelancer Spend Management Reporting
  • Annual 1099 Issuance
  • Indemnification for Greater Risk Mitigation
  • Online Freelancer Portal Providing Retail Discounts, Training & Development Programs, and Collaborative Gaming and Infotainment Applications
  • Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring Services for Both Clients and Freelancers
  • 100% Tier 1 Diversity Spend

Client Benefits

  • Expertise and Regulatory Compliance
  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Relief from Administrative Burden
  • Cost Savings and Spend Management
  • Superior Freelancer Experience